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The experts in
Polystyrene Products, External Wall Cladding System,
Packaging, Render Products & Accessories

Displays, Signwriting& Stage Props

Displays for corporate events & shop displays

Letters & Shapes

Stage props for professional or school theatre

Theatre sets, school or professional

Sculpture, basic shapes for artists to finish.


Signage & Shapes

API polystyrene is a versatile product and used with signs & lettering.


You can create great imagery for shop front displays to attract your customers.


Polystyrene can be painted to make them stand out further.Letters, logos or images all computer cut, are an attractive eye catching image and will bring your products to your customer’s attention.


Stage, Theatre & Sculpture

  • Light, strong and reusable, quick and cost effective, polystyrene is a perfect product to build your theatre sets in a short time.
  •  Because Expanded polystyrene is light and durable your props can be easily moved around the stage quickly and safely.
  •  Build a wall and paint what imagery you need to bring out the best for your production on stage.
  •  Sometimes you just need a simple Sculpture for what you want to say.
  •  Carve the shape on site from large or small blocks or we can cut the basic shape for your crew to complete.
  •  Re-use or convert your old props & sets for the next production and you will save time & money.  
  •  Our block sizes are 6000 x 1200 x 1000 for extra large sculpture work, no need to glue pieces together.

We can also supply small blocks of poly for small carving jobs: 


Example sizes,  all in millimetres.


250 x 300 x 300,    300 x 400 x 600,    500 x 500 x 600,    500 x 1000 x 1200,    1000 x 1000 x 1200,    1000 x 1200 x 3000.