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The experts in
Polystyrene Products, External Wall Cladding System,
Packaging, Render Products & Accessories


Allstate Polystyrene Industries (API)

A solution for Residential, Commercial or Industrial


Polystyrene Insulation
Polystyrene Insulation


API is amongst the leading manufacturers of polystyrene products.

We can manufacture to your requirements.


We specialise in manufacturing a range of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products. API EPS products are constantly used in areas such as Insulation for homes,  Building & Construction, civil works such as road embankments, Packaging for a range of products, Signs & Displays, Theatre props for stage productions. Polystyrene is a lightweight, durable and strong product and a very cost effective.



      StatewalL® External Cladding,

 insulation & Eps profile cutting.

Customer service and quality is most important to us and our customers.


API polystyrene should be the polystyrene of your choice.

EPS Profile cutting.   Mouldings, Props, Displays.   Intricate & Technical cutting.

                                                                  Manufactured to the Australian Standard 1366.Part3. 


                                                                  Excellent insulation for hot or cold temperatures. 


                                                                       Excellent resistance to Moisture.

                                                                       Not a food source for rodents or insects. 

                                                                       At API we reycle all our waste polystyrene product.


                                                                              API   Polystyrene is environmentally friendly, recyclable and is CFC’s free.


  • Polystyrene sheet
  • Precoated polystyrene sheets
  • Render products & accessories
  • Insulation for Wall, Ceiling, Floors
  • Building & Construction
  • Civil Engineering
  • Packaging
  • Geofoam
  • EPS Blocks
  • Displays & Signage
  • Stage Props