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The experts in
Polystyrene Products, External Wall Cladding System,
Packaging, Render Products & Accessories

Building, Construction & Civil Engineering

Various construction applications
Void Forming

API can manufacture EPS block & sheet & computer cut to the desired shape and Dimensions e.g. 6000long x 1200wide x 200mm thick.


Lightweight poly for infill or higher density poly for where introducing extra weight is a problem.


Usually under roads, road embankments, where you need a light, quick, safe and cost effective method for filling large areas of land.


Large blocks of polystyrene or cut to suit.


To reduce lateral pressure when you have silty soil close to water for road works and the like.


Bridge Construction/Beams

Computer profile cut to shapes for pre-stressed bridge beam voids.


Reduce construction times, minimize weight, increase safety.

Pontoons & Walk ways

Because polystyrene is lightweight and strong it is a perfect product for Buoyancy and therefore excellent for pontoons, Marinas, jetties and floating walkways.


Quick & cost effective.                                                                                                                                                   

Foiled backed EPS

For commercial garages, walls and residential homes.


Foil on one side or both sides. API foiled insulation sheets are a simple cost effective product with excellent insulation properties.


Roof top gardens

To reduce the weight of soil on roof top gardens, Polystyrene is used to raise garden bed height, Above concrete slabs with car parking garage below.


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